Kente Arts Alliance

Tony Campbell &
Roby Edwards

Saturday Oct. 18
Kelly-Strayhorn Theater 8:00 PM

Kelly-Strayhorn Theater
5941 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Kenny Garrett Quintet

Saturday Dec. 13
New Hazlett Theater
8:00 PM

New Hazlett Theater
6 Allegheny Square East
(North Side) 15212

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Tony Campbell
Roby Edwards
Kenny Garrett Quintet

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Kente Arts Concert
One of the Best for 2013
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    Pittsburgh Fund

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Song, music, dance and the richness of the African diaspora come together in Asase Yaa African-American Dance Theatre's ballet of Drum Love. With Drum Love, the Brooklyn-based troupe will make its Pittsburgh debut, having performed around the world including in Japan, Korea, France, Iceland, Ghana, Guinea and the Netherlands. Asase Yaa has also appeared at VH1's Hip Hop Honors, Stars of New York Dance and at the premiere of the HBO documentary film Sing Your Song, with Harry Belafonte.

Asase Yaa performed Drum Love that brings together a ballet of nine dancers, seven musicians and singer/historian Mandingue Djelimuso to tell the uplifting story of a young naïve girl who finds herself in love with two handsome big-city artists.

The production features colorful costumes, traditional music, including a balafon player and dance from Guinea, West Africa.  Its energy and excitement will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Live Track From Their Performance On February 1, 2014
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February 1, 2014

Randy Weston Playbill PictureNEA Jazz Master Randy Weston is an internationally renowned pianist, composer, bandleader and cultural ambassador, whose compositions encompass the vast rhythmic heritage of Africa. Still a true innovator and visionary after six decades of active work, Randy Weston continues to inform and inspire.

Although Weston cites Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Art Tatum as piano heroes, it was Thelonious Monk who had the greatest impact on him. “He was the most original I ever heard”, Mr. Weston remembers. “He played like they must have played in Egypt 5000 years ago”. Weston’s lifelong connection with African music and culture is due in large part to his father, Frank Edward Weston, who told his son that he was, “an African-born in America”. “He told me I had to learn about myself, about him and about my grandparents”, stated Weston, “and the only way to do it was I’d have to go back to the motherland one day.”

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October 26, 2013

Universal African Playbill The ensemble is known for its West African presentations from Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, the Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and more.

Formed in 1984, they have performed before world leaders, celebrities, and high-level politicians, as well as at a number of business and community events, always representing the beauty of African Culture. Considered one of the best African Dance and Drum troupes in the United States, their 35 member ensemble will present an electrifying performance of amazing stilt walkers, dancers, drummers, and ground masquerades, culminating in a stunning acrobatic performance.


Kaki Laanbe
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April 20, 2013

Roy Ayers Picture, Kente Arts Alliance, Pittsburgh PAKente Arts Alliance, supported by The Heinz Endowments, BNY Mellon, HighMark Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The Pittsburgh Foundation: Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Fund presented the second installment of the Jazz ROYalty Series - September 22, 2012 at the New Hazelett Theater.

The National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master
The Ageless, The Incomparable, The Flamboyant, The Legendary Drummer - ROY HAYNES

This year, Haynes will celebrate his 87th birthday and is a fireball of energy. He is a flamboyant dresser who is known, as much for is sartorial splendor as he is for his musicianship. Haynes is a jazz legend of unsurpassed accomplishments and for the last 60 years or more continues to wow audiences wherever he performs. According to a recent article in Jazz Times (November, 2011), "Haynes is, without question, the most influential living drummer in jazz". Guitarist Pat Metheny and one of Haynes many enthusiastic collaborators writes, "I don't really think it is an exaggeration to call Roy the father of modern drumming" (Jazz Times, November, 2011). In spite of his age and longevity in the music business, Haynes' work is always fresh. Critics often say his music is as fresh today as it was 50 years ago when he played with Charlie Parker. But most astonishing about Haynes is that his playing and energy defies his age.

Summer Night


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  • RoyHaynesShowPics005
  • RoyHaynesShowPics009
  • RoyHaynesShowPics015
  • RoyHaynesShowPics025
  • RoyHaynesShowPics028
  • RoyHaynesShowPics033
  • RoyHaynesShowPics036
  • RoyHaynesShowPics040
  • RoyHaynesShowPics041
  • RoyHaynesShowPics043
  • RoyHaynesShowPics045
  • RoyHaynesShowPics046
  • RoyHaynesShowPics049
  • RoyHaynesShowPics050
  • RoyHaynesShowPics051
  • RoyHaynesShowPics055
  • RoyHaynesShowPics059
  • RoyHaynesShowPics060
  • RoyHaynesShowPics064
  • RoyHaynesShowPics065
  • RoyHaynesShowPics066
  • RoyHaynesShowPics071
  • RoyHaynesShowPics077
  • RoyHaynesShowPics078
  • RoyHaynesShowPics079
  • RoyHaynesShowPics080
  • RoyHaynesShowPics082
  • RoyHaynesShowPics084
  • RoyHaynesShowPics085
  • RoyHaynesShowPics088
  • RoyHaynesShowPics099
  • RoyHaynesShowPics100
  • RoyHaynesShowPics101
  • RoyHaynesShowPics106
  • RoyHaynesShowPics107
  • RoyHaynesShowPics115
  • RoyHaynesShowPics116
  • RoyHaynesShowPics126
  • RoyHaynesShowPics127
  • RoyHaynesShowPics139
  • RoyHaynesShowPics143
  • RoyHaynesShowPics145
  • RoyHaynesShowPics151
  • RoyHaynesShowPics160
  • RoyHaynesShowPics164
  • RoyHaynesShowPics170
  • RoyHaynesShowPics177
  • RoyHaynesShowPics182
  • RoyHaynesShowPics196
  • RoyHaynesShowPics205
  • RoyHaynesShowPics206
  • RoyHaynesShowPics207
  • RoyHaynesShowPics212
  • RoyHaynesShowPics237
  • RoyHaynesShowPics246

September 22, 2012

Roy Ayers Picture, Kente Arts Alliance, Pittsburgh PAKente Arts Alliance, supported by The Heinz Endowments, and BNY Mellon presented the first installment of the Jazz ROYalty Series - April 28, 2012 at the New Hazelett Theater.

Vibraphonist-Vocalist Roy Ayers is among the best-know, most-loved and respected Jazz-R&B artists on the music scene today. Now in his fourth decade in the music business, Ayers, know as the Godfather of Neo-soul, continues to bridge the gap between generations of music lovers. In the '60s he was an award winning jazz vibraphonist, and transformed into a popular R&B band leader in the '70s and '80s. Today, the dynamic music man is an iconic figure still in great demand and whose music has been sampled by music industry heavyweights, including Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, 50 Cent, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, and Ice Cube. Many of Ayers' songs including: Everybody Loves the Sunshine, Searchin, Running Away have been frequently sampled and remixed by DJ's worldwide.

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

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  • KaaRoyAyers1
  • KaaRoyAyers10
  • KaaRoyAyers11
  • KaaRoyAyers12
  • KaaRoyAyers13
  • KaaRoyAyers14
  • KaaRoyAyers15
  • KaaRoyAyers16
  • KaaRoyAyers17
  • KaaRoyAyers18
  • KaaRoyAyers19
  • KaaRoyAyers2
  • KaaRoyAyers20
  • KaaRoyAyers21
  • KaaRoyAyers22
  • KaaRoyAyers23
  • KaaRoyAyers24
  • KaaRoyAyers25
  • KaaRoyAyers26
  • KaaRoyAyers27
  • KaaRoyAyers28
  • KaaRoyAyers29
  • KaaRoyAyers3
  • KaaRoyAyers30
  • KaaRoyAyers31
  • KaaRoyAyers32
  • KaaRoyAyers33
  • KaaRoyAyers34
  • KaaRoyAyers35
  • KaaRoyAyers36
  • KaaRoyAyers37
  • KaaRoyAyers38
  • KaaRoyAyers39
  • KaaRoyAyers4
  • KaaRoyAyers40
  • KaaRoyAyers41
  • KaaRoyAyers42
  • KaaRoyAyers43
  • KaaRoyAyers44
  • KaaRoyAyers45
  • KaaRoyAyers46
  • KaaRoyAyers47
  • KaaRoyAyers48
  • KaaRoyAyers49
  • KaaRoyAyers5
  • KaaRoyAyers50
  • KaaRoyAyers51
  • KaaRoyAyers52
  • KaaRoyAyers53
  • KaaRoyAyers54
  • KaaRoyAyers55
  • KaaRoyAyers56
  • KaaRoyAyers57
  • KaaRoyAyers58
  • KaaRoyAyers59
  • KaaRoyAyers6
  • KaaRoyAyers60
  • KaaRoyAyers61
  • KaaRoyAyers62
  • KaaRoyAyers63
  • KaaRoyAyers64
  • KaaRoyAyers65
  • KaaRoyAyers66
  • KaaRoyAyers67
  • KaaRoyAyers68
  • KaaRoyAyers69
  • KaaRoyAyers7
  • KaaRoyAyers8
  • KaaRoyAyers9

April 28th, 2012

KWANZAA Playbill pictureKente Arts Alliance
Ujanaa Collective
The Hill House Association
presented - Free to the Public

KWANZAA and the Seven Principles
Sustaining & Sharing the World

at the Elsie H. Hillman Auditorium
Hill House Association on Center Avenue

Dr. Maulana Karenga, Professor and Chairman, Department of Africana Studies, California State University - Long Beach, Creator of Kwanzaa & the Nguzo Saba was the featured speaker. Roger Humphries and the RH Factor provided musical inspiration.

Read this article in the New Pittsburgh Courier about Kwanzaa's 45 Years

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  • Kwanzaa01
  • Kwanzaa02
  • Kwanzaa03
  • Kwanzaa04
  • Kwanzaa05
  • Kwanzaa06
  • Kwanzaa07
  • Kwanzaa08
  • Kwanzaa09
  • Kwanzaa10
  • Kwanzaa11
  • Kwanzaa12
  • Kwanzaa13
  • Kwanzaa14
  • Kwanzaa15
  • Kwanzaa16
  • Kwanzaa17
  • Kwanzaa18
  • Kwanzaa19
  • Kwanzaa20
  • Kwanzaa21
  • Kwanzaa22
  • Kwanzaa23
  • Kwanzaa24
  • Kwanzaa25
  • Kwanzaa26
  • Kwanzaa27
  • Kwanzaa28
  • Kwanzaa29

December 29, 2011

Akua Dixon PlaybillAkua Dixon is an accomplished cellist, composer, conductor and vocalist who honed her skills performing with jazz legends. Her various ensembles have supplied string sections for such jazz greats as Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Jimmy Heath, Betty Carter, Ray Charles and Pharaoh Saunders.

Some critics refer to her ensemble as "jazz's leading string quartet". Her quartet's repertoire features original works and arrangements of jazz classics, receiving four stars in Downbeat.

Her new CD is entitled "AFRIKA! AFRIKA!", and was released on Savant Records. Critics say the group "swings madly". Her vocal work has won her international acclaim, recording with Archie Shepp's Attica Blues Big Band, "Live at the Palais de Glace" and Steve Turre's Sextet with Strings album, "Right There."

Akua Dixon: Cello & Voice
Ronald Jackson: Guitar
Dwayne Burno: Bass
Darrell Green: Drums

With All My Heart


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  • DSC 0265
    Akua Dixon Quartet
    Kelly-Strahorn Theater
    March 26, 2011
  • DSC 0318
    Poet: LaKeisha Wolf
  • DSC 0323
  • DSC 0333
    Gail Austin
    President: Kente Arts Alliance
  • DSC 0345
  • DSC 0352
  • DSC 0355
  • DSC 0356
  • DSC 0367
  • DSC 0375
  • DSC 0381
  • DSC 0384
  • DSC 0386
  • DSC 0389 1
  • DSC 0390
  • DSC 0397
  • DSC 0398
  • DSC 0401
  • DSC 0406
  • DSC 0413
  • DSC 0416
  • DSC 0428
  • DSC 0430
  • DSC 0433
  • DSC 0435
  • DSC 0443
  • DSC 0445
  • DSC 0449
  • DSC 0451
  • DSC 0454
  • DSC 0461
  • DSC 0462
  • DSC 0474
  • DSC 0484
  • DSC 0534
  • DSC 0583
  • DSC 0596
  • DSC 0620
  • DSC 0642
  • DSC 0646
  • DSC 0655
  • DSC 0656
  • DSC 0658
  • DSC 0665
  • DSC 0671
  • DSC 0681
  • DSC 0685
  • DSC 0702
  • DSC 0703
  • DSC 0707
  • DSC 0710
  • DSC 0731
  • DSC 0741 Jpg
  • DSC 0744
    Akua Dixon
    Mensah Wali
    KAA Artistic Director
    LaKeisha Wolf
  • DSC 0747
  • DSC 0751 1

March 26, 2011

Pharoah Sanders picture

A Kente Arts Alliance
and August Wilson Center Presentation

Pharoah Sanders brought his distinctive tenor saxophone sound to Pittsburgh for the first time in 28 years along with William Henderson on Piano. This concert also featured two of Pittsburgh's own jazz master's Roger Humphries, Dwayne Dolphin as part of this phenomenal quartet. As well as special guest performance that included George C. Jones on congas.

Pharoah Sanders possesses one of the most distinctive tenor saxophone sounds in jazz. Harmonically rich and heavy with overtones, Sanders' sound can be as raw and abrasive as it is possible for a saxophonist to produce. Yet, Sanders is highly regarded to the point of reverence by a great many jazz fans. Although he made his name with expressionistic, nearly anarchic free jazz in John Coltrane's late ensembles of the mid-'60s, Sanders' later music is guided by more graceful concerns.

Read this Review by Mike Shanley in the JazzTimes

Read this Review by Bob Karlovits in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pharoah Sanders: Tenor Saxophone
William Henderson: Piano
Dwayne Dolphin: Bass
Roger Humphries: Drums
George C. Jones: Congas



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  • KaaPharoahConcert006
    Pharoah Sanders Concert
    November 13, 2010
    August Wilson Center
  • KaaPharoahConcert013
  • KaaPharoahConcert014
  • KaaPharoahConcert018
  • KaaPharoahConcert024
  • KaaPharoahConcert025
  • KaaPharoahConcert028
  • KaaPharoahConcert029
  • KaaPharoahConcert031
  • KaaPharoahConcert038
  • KaaPharoahConcert048
  • KaaPharoahConcert051
  • KaaPharoahConcert053
  • KaaPharoahConcert054
  • KaaPharoahConcert059
  • KaaPharoahConcert062
  • KaaPharoahConcert063
  • KaaPharoahConcert069
  • KaaPharoahConcert073
  • KaaPharoahConcert074
  • KaaPharoahConcert076
  • KaaPharoahConcert087
  • KaaPharoahConcert092
  • KaaPharoahConcert094
  • KaaPharoahConcert101
  • KaaPharoahConcert109
  • KaaPharoahConcert114
  • KaaPharoahConcert115
  • KaaPharoahConcert119
  • KaaPharoahConcert120
  • KaaPharoahConcert125
  • KaaPharoahConcert130
  • KaaPharoahConcert131
  • KaaPharoahConcert132
  • KaaPharoahConcert134
  • KaaPharoahConcert140
  • KaaPharoahConcert143
  • KaaPharoahConcert150
  • KaaPharoahConcert155
  • KaaPharoahConcert165
  • KaaPharoahConcert166
  • KaaPharoahConcert173
  • KaaPharoahConcert177
  • KaaPharoahConcert184
  • KaaPharoahConcert199
  • KaaPharoahConcert200
  • KaaPharoahConcert203
  • KaaPharoahConcert213
  • KaaPharoahConcert229
  • KaaPharoahConcert249
  • KaaPharoahConcert250
  • KaaPharoahConcert258
  • KaaPharoahConcert269
  • KaaPharoahConcert273
  • KaaPharoahConcert275
  • KaaPharoahConcert279
  • KaaPharoahConcert281
  • KaaPharoahConcert286
  • KaaPharoahConcert289
  • KaaPharoahConcert292
  • KaaPharoahConcert303
  • KaaPharoahConcert321
  • KaaPharoahConcert311

November 13, 2010

Color of Strings PosterA Concert Tribute to Ray Brown

This concert featured three bass players: Dwayne Dolphin, Jeff Grubbs and Curtis Lundy as well as Dave Budway on Piano and Tom Wendt on drums. Singer Sandy Dowe also performed for this tribute.

In keeping with the theme of the event, The Color of Strings, a presentation of beautiful quilts by the Gee's Bend Quilt Collective of Boykin, Alabama were displayed throughout the concert hall and lobby.

Dwayne Dolphin: Bass
Jeff Grubbs: Bass
Curtis Lundy: Bass
Dave Budway: Piano
Tom Wendt: Drums
Sandy Dowe: Vocalist

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  • KaaColorOfStrings002
    The Color of Strings
    A Tribute to Ray Brown
    October 9th, 2010
    New Hazlett Theatre
  • KaaColorOfStrings005
  • KaaColorOfStrings008
  • KaaColorOfStrings011
  • KaaColorOfStrings013
  • KaaColorOfStrings014
  • KaaColorOfStrings023
  • KaaColorOfStrings031
  • KaaColorOfStrings036
  • KaaColorOfStrings038
  • KaaColorOfStrings048
  • KaaColorOfStrings069
  • KaaColorOfStrings074
  • KaaColorOfStrings083
  • KaaColorOfStrings090
  • KaaColorOfStrings117
  • KaaColorOfStrings135
  • KaaColorOfStrings137
  • KaaColorOfStrings150
  • KaaColorOfStrings156
  • KaaColorOfStrings158
  • KaaColorOfStrings160
  • KaaColorOfStrings164
  • KaaColorOfStrings166
  • KaaColorOfStrings168
  • KaaColorOfStrings169
  • KaaColorOfStrings171
  • KaaColorOfStrings173
  • KaaColorOfStrings177
  • KaaColorOfStrings178
  • KaaColorOfStrings182
  • KaaColorOfStrings184
  • KaaColorOfStrings214
  • KaaColorOfStrings215
  • KaaColorOfStrings217
  • KaaColorOfStrings219
  • KaaColorOfStrings222
  • KaaColorOfStrings223
  • KaaColorOfStrings224
  • KaaColorOfStrings229
  • KaaColorOfStrings232
  • KaaColorOfStrings251
  • KaaColorOfStrings257
  • KaaColorOfStrings262
  • KaaColorOfStrings263
  • KaaColorOfStrings265
  • KaaColorOfStrings266
  • KaaColorOfStrings267
  • KaaColorOfStrings268
  • KaaColorOfStrings277
  • KaaColorOfStrings283
  • KaaColorOfStrings290
  • KaaColorOfStrings292
  • KaaColorOfStrings295
  • KaaColorOfStrings298
  • KaaColorOfStrings302
  • KaaColorOfStrings311
  • KaaColorOfStrings320
  • KaaColorOfStrings322
  • KaaColorOfStrings326
  • KaaColorOfStrings339
  • KaaColorOfStrings341
  • KaaColorOfStrings335

October 9, 2010

Vanessa Rubin ConcertIn Tribute to:
The Great Female Singers Past & Present

One of the surest tests of a jazz singer is her acceptance by skilled players. Rubin has won that acceptance. Jazz musicians are impressed by Rubin's way around a song and her innate ability to swing. In this special Women's History Month concert, Rubin paid tribute to the great ladies of song.

Vanessa Rubin: Vocalist
Quincy Davis: Drums
Kenny Davis: Bass
Danny Grissett: Piano
Patience Higgins: Reeds

Girl Talk


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  • K. Mensah Wali
    Vanessa Rubin Concert, March 5, 2010
  • K. Mensah Wali introducing Vanessa Rubin and Band
  • Vanessa Rubin and Kenny Davis
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Vanessa Rubin and Band
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Danny Grissett
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Patience Higgins
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Vanessa Rubin, Kenny Davis, & Quincy Davis
  • Quincy Davis
  • Danny Grissett, Vanessa Rubin, & Kenny Davis
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Patience Higgins
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Kenny Davis & Vanessa Rubin
  • Vanessa Rubin & Kenny Davis
  • Vanessa Rubin
  • Danny Grissett
  • Quincy Davis
  • Patience Higgins
  • Kenny Davis & Vanessa Rubin
  • Vanessa Rubin & Kenny Davis
  • Vanessa Rubin & Kenny Davis
  • K. Mensah Wali & Vanessa Rubin
  • Patience Higgins, Quincy Davis, Danny Grissett, Kenny Davis, & Vanessa Rubin

March 5, 2010

Steve Nelson concert posterSince the 1970's, Pittsburgh's Steve Nelson has made his way through the ranks, playing high profile gigs with artists as diverse as Grant Green, Jackie McLean, Dave Holland, and David "Fathead" Newman. Nelson will serve as leader in this Pittsburgh engagement, assembling a quartet of both young and seasoned artists.

Kente Arts Alliance is always pleased when it presents artists whose roots begin in Pittsburgh. Nelson was reared in East Liberty before leaving Pittsburgh to make his way through the jazz world. He has gone full circle as he returns to the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater which is only a mile from where he grew up.

Steve Nelson: Vibraphones
Mulgrew Miller: Piano
Ivan Taylor: Bass
Rodney Green: Drums

Night Mist Blues


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  • Steve Nelson Quartet
    The Steve Nelson Quartet
  • Group On Stage
  • Steve Nelson & Mulgrew Miller
  • Ivan Taylor
  • Steve Nelson & Ivan Taylor
  • Mulgrew Miller
  • Steve Nelson
  • Rodney Green
  • Steve Nelson
  • Mulgrew Miller
  • Steve Nelson
  • Steve Nelson Smiles
  • The Steve Nelson Family

December 5, 2009

Billy Bang concert posterThe violin is hardly the first instrument that comes to mind when you think about jazz, but that's never daunted Billy Bang, one of the instrument's most adventurous exponents. While attending a Massachusetts prep school under full scholarship, he met and began playing with fellow-student, folk-singer Arlo Guthrie. Drafted into the army following graduation, Bang was sent to Vietnam, an experience that profoundly affected his life, often quite painfully.  Returning home and radicalized, Billy became active in the anti-war movement, and by the late '60s had returned to music.

Heavily inspired by the exploratory fire of John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman and the liberating energy of the free-jazz movement, Bang returned to the violin as his principal means of expression. Attending New York's Queens College, and studying privately with renowned violinist Leroy Jenkins, Bang became a key member of the dynamic New York avant-garde scene of the '70s. Vietnam:  The Aftermath (released in October 2001) evokes and confronts the memories of his Vietnam experiences and showcases the fine compositional skills that have always marked his own recordings. The experience proved to be emotionally cathartic as well as a boon to his career, as it led to rave reviews the world over, awards from recording societies, and invitations to perform the resulting work.


The Aftermath Band

James Spaulding, alto sax, flute
Ted Daniel trumpet
Andrew Boehmke, piano
Todd Nicholson, bass
Newman Taylor Baker, drums
Nhan Thanh Ngo, dan tranh
Billy Bang, composer, band leader, violin

Mystery of the Mekong


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  • Billy Bang 057
    Billy Bang and the Aftermath Band Concert
  • Billy Bang 059
  • Billy Bang 060
  • Billy Bang 062
  • Billy Bang 063
  • Billy Bang 065

Billy Bang Children’s Workshop Friday, Nov. 7

  • Billy Bang at children's workshop 1
    Billy Bang Children’s Workshop Friday, Nov. 7 at the Pittsburgh Faison Pre – K, Primary Campus, Homewood
  • Billy Bang at children's workshop 2
  • Billy Bang at children's workshop 3
  • Billy Bang at children's workshop 4
  • Billy Bang at children's workshop 5

November 8, 2008

Last Poets stage shotThe concert kicked off the 2008 season’s cross-cultural themed programming entitled:  Creating Harmony across Cultures.  This first installment helped to build a bridge across the generational divide, pairing legendary cultural icons with some of today’s hottest spoken word artists, all of whom are playing an important role in addressing the current political and social climate.  For that reason, this concert has been aptly named “Generations of Agitation”.

The Last Poets is a veteran group of poets and musicians who arose from the late 1960s African American civil rights movement's Black Nationalist thread.  The Last Poets have been cited as one of the earliest influences on what would become hip-hop.  The year 2008 marked the 40th anniversary of the formation of the group.  Critic Jason Ankeny writes, "With their politically charged raps, taut rhythms, and dedication to raising African-American consciousness, the Last Poets almost single-handedly laid the groundwork for the emergence of hip-hop."

The Last Poets
Umar Bin Hassan, voice
Abiodun Oyewole, voice
Don Babatunde Eaton, percussion


Opening for The Last Poets

Chen Lo, a Pittsburgh-born and raised spoken word artist, now living in Brooklyn opened for the The Last Poets.  As one of today’s young aspiring artists, he has always stood to use his individual gifts, skills and talents to enhance the well-being of his community.

Yah Lioness, one of Pittsburgh’s most prolific female spoken word artists served as MC.

DJ Nate Da Phat Barber provided the music.

One of the world’s preeminent jazz innovators, trombonist and sea shellist Steve Turre has consistently won both the Reader’s and Critics Polls in Jazz Times, Downbeat, and Jazziz for Best Trombone and for Best Miscellaneous Instrumentalist (sea shells).  In addition to performing as a member of the Saturday Night Live Band since 1984, Turre leads several different ensembles.

Steve Turre continually evolves as a musician and arranger. He has a strong command of all musical genres and when it comes to his distinct brand of jazz, he always keeps one foot in the past and one in the future. In his Pittsburgh appearance, he paid tribute to Roy Eldridge (1911 – 1989) aka “Little Jazz”.  Eldridge was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and is considered one of the greatest trumpet players in jazz history.  His range and rhythmic skill made him perhaps the finest trumpeter of the swing era of the 1930’s.  His sophisticated use of harmony resulted in him sometimes being seen as the link between Louis Armstrong-era swing music and Dizzy Gillespie-era bebop.


Steve Turre Quintet
Buster Williams, bass
Dr. James Johnson, piano
Jeremy Pelt, trumpet
Dion Parson, drums
Steve Turre, trombone

Mouse Over for Larger Thumbnail - Click any Picture to Start Slideshow

  • Steve Turre Quintet group shot
    The Steve Turre Quintet performed at the Kente Arts Alliance event on April 19, 2008
  • Jeremy Pelt
  • SteveTurre
  • Buster, Dion, Steve, and Jeremy
  • Buster Williams on bass
  • Dr. James Johnson on piano, Dion Parson on drums and Buster Williams on bass
  • Jeremy Pelt on Trumpet
  • Steve and Jeremy

April 19, 2008

Roger Humphries Concert PosterOn February 23, 2008, the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania paid tribute to one of their favorite sons, drummer Roger Humphries. The events culminated in a tribute concert presented by the Kente Arts Alliance.  Roger Humphries was a child prodigy, playing with professional musicians as early as age 4 ½. Roger’s first major road job came in August 1962 when he joined fellow Pittsburgher Stanley Turrentine and Shirley Scott at the Hurricane in the Hill District of Pittsburgh. Music critics rate Roger as one of the most exciting percussionists in the business.  In 1964, Roger went to New York to join the Horace Silver Quintet.

For more than fifty years, Silver has written some of the most enduring tunes in jazz while performing them in a distinctively personal style. Silver helped create the rhythmically forceful branch of jazz known as "hard bop". He based much of his own writing on blues and gospel---the latter is particularly prominent on one of his biggest tunes, "The Preacher." While with Silver, Roger Humphries provided the rhythm for many of Silver’s jazz classics including the famous jazz hit, “Song for my Father”.  The February 23rd concert paid homage to this period in Roger Humphries enduring and illustrious career.


Roger Humphries and the Rh Factor

Roger Humphries, drums
Tony De Paulas, bass
Max Leake, piano
Special Guests
Javon Jackson, saxophone
Sean Jones, trumpet



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  • Roger Humphries Poster
    Roger Humphries and the RH Factor, February 2008
  • Group shot on stage
  • Roger himself

February 23, 2008

Winard Harper Sextet posterWinard Harper will paid tribute to drummer and band leader Art Blakey.  Blakey (1919 - 1990) also known as Abdullah Ibn Buhaina, was one of the inventors of the modern, bebop style of drumming and is undoubtedly one of the most influential jazz musicians ever.  Harper, who was influenced in part by Blakey, reveres his predecessor while remaining innovative in his own right.  He has become one of the most celebrated drummers in jazz and known for his virtuosity on the drum set as well as the balafon, the West African equivalent of the marimba.

“In the jazz idiom, very few master musicians have held the title of leader while pounding out the heartbeat of any great band behind the drum set since legends Art Blakey and Max Roach. Winard Harper, however, has proven since the late ‘80s to be one of the true great bandleaders who sits behind a drum kit while pushing his ensemble to explore international sounds ranging from African to Caribbean to Afro-Cuban, all wrapped around the core of Hard Bop jazz”.

September 29, 2007

Kirikou and the Sorceress (French: Kirikou et la sorcière) is a 1998 Franco-Belgian traditional animation feature film loosely based on a West African folk tale and written and directed by Michel Ocelot, in which a newborn boy saves his village by ridding them of the evil witch Karaba. It was so successful that a sequel, Kirikou et les bêtes sauvages (Kirikou et les bêtes sauvages) followed in 2005 and in 2007 it was adapted into a musical theatre stage production, Kirikou et Karaba.

The Kirikou films are characterized by their flat, two-dimensional, look, as opposed to current trends in three-dimensional computer animation. The lush African colours and patterns were inspired by the works of the "naïve" French painter "Le Douanier" Henri Rousseau. Ocelot's latest feature film Azur et Asmar explores the world of North African and Islamic folklore, architecture, art and calligraphy.

Winner of Nine Film Festival and Animation Awards

This Presentation was Free to the public

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  • A family enjoying the night together
    A Family Flix Presentation by: The Kente Arts Alliance
  • Just having a good time
  • Families enjoying the evening
  • Enjoying the nights entertainment

August 25, 2007

Gerri Allen PosterThrough her highly acclaimed Mary Lou Williams Collective, Ms. Allen assembled a fine group of musicians to interpret the work of Pittsburgh native Mary Lou Williams (1910-1981). In fact, Allen played the role of Mary Lou Williams in Robert Altman’s celebrated film Kansas City. During this special Pittsburgh engagement of her world-wide 2007 tour, Ms. Allen paid homage to the legendary pianist and composer through her interpretative work Zodiac Suite: Revisited.  She also performed selections from her highly acclaimed new CD “Timeless Portraits and Dreams”. Geri Allen is a celebrated award-winning pianist/composer who performs for enthusiastic audiences worldwide.  Ms. Allen is the recipient of numerous honors and awards and is presently an Associate Professor of Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation at the University of Michigan. She earned her Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied under Nathan Davis. 


The Mary Lou Collective
Geri Allen, piano
Andrew Cyrille, drums
Kenny Davis, bass

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  • Geri Allen
    Geri Allen and the Mary Lou Collective performed at the Kente Arts Alliance event on May 6th, 2007
  • Andrew Cyrille
  • Kenny Davis
  • Geri Allen

May 6, 2007

Voted the Best Jazz Concert of 2006 by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette

This concert focused on the enduring body of work left by the legendary alto saxophonist Cannonball Adderley and his brother Nat Adderley (trumpet).  Cannonball recorded more than 60 albums as a feature artist and collaborated as a sideman on at least 60 more. Louis Hayes was the drummer for Cannonball during six years of his amazing, if abbreviated career.   For the last twenty-plus years, Hayes has led or co-led some of the most uncompromisingly swinging groups in all of jazz.  Each unit has displayed tight-knit harmonic cohesion and hard-driving consistency as part of its signature.  In the Cannonball Legacy Band, Hayes has assembled some of today’s finest musicians, each of them a star in his own right and in demand as leaders and collaborators.


The Cannonball Adderley Legacy Band
Louis Hayes, leader, drummer
Vincent Herring, alto
Jeremy Pelt, trumpet
Rick Germanson, piano
Richie Goods, bass


October 6th & 7th, 2006